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Lean Grid Automation Starting At The End Of Your Driveway

Enabling cost effective grid automation from the end of your driveway to the back end of a distribution substation.  GridSense solutions are targeted to the most neglected and aged part of the grid infrastructure…the distribution segment.

Lean Grid Automation (LGA) is the next phase of smart grid deployments, focusing on a cost effective way to bolster, update and enhance the aging distribution infrastructure found globally.  Facets of LGA include VVO, CVR, Distribution Automation, Power Quality, Theft Detection just to name a few.  Utilities want to accomplish these with the lowest amount of investment and complexity.  That is where GridSense shines, enabling LGA through intelligent sensing at the end of the grid network coupled with analytical software and diagnostic tools.

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2014 IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition

Come visit GridSense at Booth #6339 at the upcoming 2014 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition in Chicago, IL on April 14-17, 2014.  Learn about lean grid automation starting at the end of your driveway, where the next phase of smart grid expansion will take place.

The GridSense Australia Office Has Moved

As of September 1, the Sydney, Australia office of GridSense has moved. We look forward to continuing to provide excellent service to our customers from this new location: GridSense, 25 Angas Street, Suite 102, Meadowbank, NSW 2114 Australia  

HighV High-Voltage Inspection Camera Now Rated to 500kV

The GridSense HighV Camera, designed for inspection of energized high-voltage assets, is now rated to 500kV phase-to-phase, filling the industry’s need to safely examine live, substation-level high-voltage assets, eliminating the need to take an outage to examine those assets, and speeding and simplifying issue identification and diagnosis.