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Lean Grid Automation Starting At The End Of Your Driveway

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Enabling cost effective grid automation from the end of your driveway to the back end of a distribution substation.  GridSense solutions are targeted to the most neglected and aged part of the grid infrastructure…the distribution segment.

Lean Grid Automation (LGA) is the next phase of smart grid deployments, focusing on a cost effective way to bolster, update and enhance the aging distribution infrastructure found globally.  Facets of LGA include VVO, CVR, Distribution Automation, Power Quality, and Theft Detection just to name a few.  Utilities want to accomplish these with the lowest amount of investment and complexity.  That is where GridSense shines, enabling LGA through intelligent sensing at the end of the grid network coupled with analytical software and diagnostic tools.

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Cyan, GridSense team up to launch smart grid metering

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Grand Theft Electricity – GridSense Can Help You

Every year, millions of dollars are lost to electricity theft.  In the United States alone, approximately 2-3% of electricity is stolen every year that results in $6 Billion in losses.    The US is not the only country with an issue.  In India, it is about $16 Billion per year in losses.  Brazil is $6 Read the Rest…

GridSense Is Featured In Smart Grid News

The next big smart grid race?  It starts at the end of the driveway (the distribution transformer)… The race to the end of the end of the driveway begins! Click link below to see the full article. Smart Grid News – The Next Big Smart Grid Race?